Build your website.

Halfway through.

Choose a template. Tweak it. And voila! Your website is live.

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Works on Google Sites

Easy to use, no-coding platform

With a single tap, you can move blocks from one location to another. The drag-and-drop editor is straightforward and easy to use. You don't need to be a designer or developer; simply select a template, tweak it, and you're done! Your website is now live.

Move, drag-and-drop, done

Collaborate online in real-time

Integrated with Google services

Human-friendly interface

Your website, under covers

Hosting that you can rely on

Widgets. Seamlessly integrated.

Widgets was built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with Google Sites, allowing you to add additional functionalities that go beyond inbuilt capability.

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Search Bar

Alert Message

Poll Form

Your font.

Your color.

Your style.

Your website.

Layouts lets you customize your website in exciting new ways. Drag-and-drop sections to form designs that are unique.

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"I am a busy professional with little time to learn how to design my own website. I used YSSF.ML and found it extremely easy to use. The templates were beautiful, but if one wasn't quite right for what I needed, it was very easy to modify the template so that I could get the look I wanted!"


Jesse Walter

CEO, Photography Studio

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Frequently asked questions

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Is it easy to build a site in Google Sites?

If you have a Google account, then creating a website with Google Sites is very easy: Simply navigate to shortcut on a computer, to create your first ever Google Sites. No app download needed.

Can I create a website without coding knowledge?

Absolutely. Google Sites is a website creation tool that requires no coding knowledge at all. So regardless of your coding knowledge, you can create your own website without knowing how to code at all.

What are the hosting options for Google Sites?

When you create a website with Google Sites, you get a reliable, unlimited free web hosting by Google. This does not count towards your Google account free storage at all. Learn more.

Can I connect a custom domain to my site on Google Sites?

Definitely. You can buy a domain name through any registrar, and point it to your Google Sites website for free. Learn more.